Ayovi, 2011




“Cynthia is a dedicated director   who works collaboratively with teachers, parents and the Early Childhood Community. She makes parents feel welcome and listens to their concerns and ideas regarding their child’s education and care. Cynthia is well known in the Early  Childhood Education community in the Greater Boston area.” – Susan K.

“I would definitely recommend Ms. Itoka as a child care provider for any other need of daycare services. With her professional background experience and strong abilities to connect with children, she can definitely offer everything a family would be looking for in a provider.” – Kavita S., Toddler Parent

“Our son was the first child to enroll at Two Little Owls when they opened in February 2012. He has grown emotionally, socially and intellectually under the care, nurture and encouragement of his teachers. The staff are very committed to creating a positive and fun environment. The director, Cynthia, has been great to work with as well. The school is well organized and responsive to parent feedback. The facility is brand-new – new toys, thoughtful layout, which is also wonderful. I highly recommend the Schoolhouse!!!” – Joslyn O., Preschool Parent

“Cynthia has a natural ability to relate to children…see sees the whole world child and has a vast knowledge of early childhood education. As a director Cynthia has the ability to see the whole picture of running a school. Cynthia celebrates diversity and values each individual. One wa she brings children and adults together is trough her gift of music.” – Karen T.

“Thank you again for providing our son with so much care, nurture, and love in his most vulnerable months. Because of the supportive environment provided at Two Little Owls, our son has developed a very kind and friendly spirit.” – Patricia L., Infant Parent