Pre-Kindergarten Program

KINDERGARTEN READINESS for age appropriate children is important to us; therefore, our preschool teachers take special care to help children develop the skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten. As much as possible, the development of such skills is encouraged through creative use of reading, writing, counting, classroom responsibilities and appropriate social behavior throughout the choice time activities in which the children engage with each other every day. In addition to the productive, child-directed use of choice time, however, our teachers use group or circle time to assist in the development of attention and listening skills and to creatively encourage each child’s recognition of letters, numbers, sentence structure, one to one correspondence, and other fundamental academic skills. Much of this is accomplished through read-aloud, storytelling, songs, games, finger-plays, arts and crafts and other projects.

The Pre K Program uses The Creative Curriculum Preschool/Pre K approach in the classroom. Parents are informed of their child’s progress in the areas of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, through written developmental observations, and teachers are available for conferences.

Parents are also invited to meet anytime they have a concern to discuss with their child’s teachers.