Toddler Program

Toddlers are aware of themselves and how others perceive them, many exciting developmental milestones occur in our toddler classroom. The children are “reading” and look at picture books, drawing, and painting, climbing, jumping, and exploring everything around them. We believe that a toddler’s environment should offer age-related appropriate activities and the opportunity to interact and play alone or in small groups. By allowing our children to learn in small groups, it gives them the opportunity to get more one-on-one attention. Our professionally trained teachers will give you the peace of mind knowing that your child is in a loving and nurturing atmosphere.

The Toddler Program uses the Creative Curriculum Toddler approach in the classroom. Parents are informed of their child’s progress in the areas of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, through written developmental observations, and teachers are available for conferences. Parents are also invited to meet anytime they have a concern to discuss with their child’s teachers. Activities are rotated to provide a variety of learning experiences. Toys are washed daily and mouthed toys are washed in between use.